What You Need to Know Before You Buy Furniture

I’ve always wanted a sectional sofa. I have a fairly small house so I have been able to restrain myself from buying something that large. That is, until I was walking through a furniture store last fall and I saw a sectional that was just the right style and color, and wouldn’t it look great in my living room?!  Never a good idea to base the scale of a piece of furniture on how it looks in a massive show room. I know better than this! But I couldn’t resist, and well, too late now, but it’s definitely not the right scale for the room. Now I’m going to have to sell my house.

Buying furniture can be intimidating, even if you know what you’re looking for in terms of style (if you don’t, that’s an entirely different mountain to climb.) For instance, how do you really know what you’re spending your valuable dollars on will last? What materials are best for wear-and-tear? What questions should you be asking a sales person before committing to a purchase? We turned to the pros (i.e., interior designers and furniture pundits) for guidance on the matter; after all, they probably buy and sell more furniture than anyone else, and definitely have valuable insight.  MORE

Source: Bloglovin’ Daily Digest/Apartment Therapy