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Some facts about single female homeownership …

Did you know: single women outpaced that of unmarried men; single women account for 21 percent of all home purchases; women receive an outsized share of subprime mortgages.  READ MORE.

Dame Magazine says, “While women have made great social and economic strides, it seems we can’t fight biology. In the case of home ownership, that’s a good thing: The instinct to feather our nests is one reason single women are purchasing homes at twice the rate of single men.

Although home buying decreased during the recession, the ratio of single female to single male buyers has remained constant since the late 1990s, says Walter Molony, spokesperson for the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

About 1-in-5 homeowners are single females, making them the second largest home buying demographic after married couples,” he says.

If you’re considering purchasing a house, take a few important steps to ensure the time is right for you. Buying a house is the biggest financial commitment most of us will make in a lifetime. A wrong move could haunt you for decades, but the right decision will make you a proud homeowner.