Raise Your Home’s IQ

A new day is dawning for those of you who’ve dreamed of being both more efficient and lazier with your household gadgets and appliances.

Entry for the “connected home” vision comes to life. Network bandwidth is widely available, and traditional home appliances are being rebuilt to connect to the Internet via WiFi and other wireless protocols. Smartphones and tablets double as remote controls for appliances ranging from light bulbs to thermostats to speakers.

Eleven Odd and Intriguing Smart Home Technologies from ‘livescience’

Are these smart appliances really necessary? The answer is no, and they’re probably not even affordable for most folks.  But smart home appliances will only get more intuitive and affordable. Things that seemed ridiculous five years ago, like owning a 70-inch HD TV or tapping your iPhone to fill your house instantly with music, are now feasible as technology improves, prices drop, and your current equipment starts to collect dust.

For better or worse, we’re a society that loves its portable gadgets and the information they contain.

Stop by the Madison Area Builders Association DREAM HOME SHOWCASE on March 6-8th at the Alliant Energy Center.  Talk to “Smart” exhibitors, as well as a other industry pros.  They can help make your dream a reality, and they will be at the Dream Home Showcase!

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