Planning Your Project Like a Pro

From “The Insiders Team at Nonn’s”


If you’re thinking about re-vamping your home or building one from scratch, laying good groundwork, is integral to the success of your project and fundamental to your sanity! Understanding your needs, wishes and design goals will not only help to alleviate future stress, but will also save serious time and money down the road.


Nailing Down Your Needs

Knowing the difference between a need and a “nice to have” is the first step in making solid plan. To start, write down your wants and needs and walk away. That’s right–put that list in your pocket and give yourself some time to mull it over. When you open it back up you’ll see that some things stay in the same categories, some switch, and some cease to exist entirely. Once you’ve done this, the key is to find ways to work your wishes into what you really need by finding overlapping areas to take advantage of.


Pro Tip: Whether you’re remodeling or building, decisions regarding function should always precede design. That means, start with your fundamental needs and worry about how to dress them up later. It’s easy to work on the design components once the framework has been established.


Dream Big With Design

Once you determine how to combine those wants and needs, it’s time for the fun part—get inspired! For starters, go online. Design blogs are an awesome starting point because they provide valuable content and are often written by industry pros. Another commonly overlooked resource are product showrooms. Showrooms are filled with design experts and provide tangible examples of what your home can look like.


Pro Tip: When designing, take advantage of areas that can be easily updated, like the backsplash, light fixtures and paint colors. If you ever feel like a trend is going out of style, you can easily change and address these areas of your home.


Tap In A Trusted Team

Still stumped on design direction? All it takes is one design expert to turn a worried “Whoa…” into an excited “Wow!”. Professional designers understand what to prioritize when, and where the potential of your project lies. The earlier you bring one on-board, the better off you’ll be.

 The project support you pursue shouldn’t stop with a designer; you need the support of a solid squad to make the magic happen. The number of pros involved will vary depending on the size of the project, but it’s important to know everyone’s role, including your own, and be able to trust them to do their job.


Pro Tip: Consider hiring teams that have already worked together in the past. Your designer or builder can typically provide a list of qualified partners for you.


Understand the Undertaking

Building projects, as well as remodel projects, are living, breathing beings that grow and change over the course of their life. So, before you start, prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and plan better than the rest. Because no matter how good a plan is, there are always unknowns when it comes to a home. For the benefit of everyone involved, be as flexible as possible when things take an unexpected turn.

There are many moving pieces when building or remodeling a home. Nailing down your needs and whittling down your wants will help direct your design dreams. Take advantage of resources, like design consultants in your area or highly-rated home renovation stores and remember that any renovation or construction project takes time, money, and most importantly; patience. If you have at least 2/3 of those, you can pull your plan off like a true pro.


SOURCE:  Nonn’s