The Legend at Bergamont, Oregon

Parade Builders in this Neighborhood


Lot Information

  • Fiduciary Real Estate Development, Inc.
  • (608) 575-6428
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Get Directions

(1) GPS Coordinates – 42.916890, -89.403055
(2) Site to Site map (PDF)
(3) Directions from the East Side or West Side of Madison:
  • Take Hwy 12/18 (Beltline); exit Fish Hatchery Rd South
  • Go 7.7 miles to Hwy CC; turn left.
  • Go to 1.6 miles to Bergamont Blvd; turn right
  • Go .6 miles to to Augusta Dr; turn left. This will be second traffic circle; follow second traffic circle, take the second exit to the left
  • Go .2 miles to Carnoustie Way; turn right.
  • Go to Raven Court; turn left
  • Go to Carnoustie Way; turn right
  • The Parade entrance is on Carnoustie Way