A Home Office: Make it Yours


Home offices are not at the top of everyone’s list to decorate, but if you have the flexibility of working from home you might want to think about making your space a pleasant working environment.  Make it an enjoyable room to be in – and you won’t have to close the door when visitors stop by.

Some of the reasons people work at home is because it gives them more time with family, lower fuel costs and child care expenses, fewer lunches out, and a little more time for yourself (no commute).

Studies show people who are able to spend more time with their families and who are given flexibility are happier people.  Happier people are less stressed out and are less likely to make mistakes.  Happier people are more productive, which leads to more work done and more money saved!  What else makes us happy? Pretty things!

So, now that I’ve convinced you to make a pitch for working from home, think about how to make your space beautiful.  After all, you’ll most likely be putting in the same amount of hours in a day as you do back at the office.

Beautiful spaces have an impact on productivity.  Even how it’s arranged can make a difference.  Many of us don’t have the opportunity to rearrange the furniture in our offices at work, but in your home office you can place the furniture anywhere you want.  Another benefit, you don’t have to have typical office furnishings. Choose your own desk and chair, artwork, etc.  Best of all, you don’t have to get approval from the boss!

In the photo above a car collector got really creative and made the bumper of a corvette into a desk.  I’m appreciative of all things vintage, so I once made a desk out of old weathered saw horses, and added a glass top.  I loved it.

Unlike the office at work, you can be creative at home.  You can be you.  So make it yours!  There are lots of ideas on the web.

Check out Houzz.com gallery of beautiful home offices.