Hanging Art in Your Home

I am always in a quandary about how to ‘artfully’ decorate my walls.  I painted my living room three years ago and I still haven’t put my pictures back on the walls.  Why?  Well partly because I’m a procrastinator, but more than anything because I don’t want to just put up a bunch of nails here and there, and hang random pictures. That could wind up looking like a hot mess.

There are ways to hang photos and art, and display keepsakes in a way that are more thoughtful and artistic.  Such as hanging pictures at chair height, eye level when you’re seated – or even lower.

I’ve had the tendency to want to frame my pictures in nearly identical frames, but that’s not necessary.  If you want the museum look in your home that’s probably the way to go.  However, frames of all different sizes, styles and colors can look great together too.  Do you have more windows than wall space?  Experts say if your tastes run more eclectic, consider handing your art in front of a window (properly secured of course).  

For ideas, Google Images is a good place to start, but Houzz.com is even better.   See Houzz.com a library of ideas for hanging and displaying your objet d’art.