Fall To-Do List for Your Home

Houzz posted a September to-do list today.  No, not hayrides or make caramel apples!  What needs to be done on a house before Fall is over?

As I’ve searched for recommendations on this topic for myself, the Houzz list is very practical, including their suggestion to take time for breakfast!  Practical in the sense that I don’t need to drain my non-existant irrigation system, ‘spruce up’ my computer (?), spot clean my furniture, or vacuum my walls. That’s all great advice, but some of those things I can do anytime. I suppose I believe it’s practical because their ideas are simple, fairly quick, and I can do them myself.

There are a lot of recommendations available from very reliable sources, so if you are looking for advice, you will find plenty of it.

According to Houzz, what are the things we should do in the next few weeks … MORE