Chic Farmhouse Restaurant

Unfortunately this cool restaurant isn’t in Madison, but I think it would go over well here. We have the hip Capitol Square are, a revitalized downtown, and beautiful properties right outside of Madison for locations.  It’s similar in feel to a local restaurant on the Capitol Square, but more elegant.  I think it would be a hit.

They say it has style, and it does.  I notice in their design that they are using the most trending colors out there (such as peacock, purple, tumeric), as stated by designers on and designers’ blogs.  But I’m here to say that no one has style over Madison!  We have many talented interior designers here – I can speak to that personally.  We also have some of the best commercial and residential builders in the county – I picture this being a melding of the two.

Nor does anyone have us beat in the organic food market. We have lots of local produce growers.  All you have to do is visit the Farmers Market on any given weekend in the summer and you’ll find some of the best produce around.  This restaurant has that vibe.

What do you think?  Can you see this in Madison?

Chic Farmhouse Restaurant in Marin