Cooling Bricks

I learned something new today. A new 3-D printed brick is designed to cool a room without the need for an external power source. Called Cool Brick, it combines some of the oldest known methods of making clay bricks with … Continued

Final Walk Through: What to Expect

Buyers from time to time will want to skip a final walk through when closing on a home. After all, aren’t most sellers honest people? A Final Walk Through is when the home buyer tours the property, usually the evening before … Continued

2017 Parade of Homes Begins June 10th!

The Madison Area Builders Association presents the 2017 Parade of Homes on June 10-25th!  As always, we are very proud of our builders and developers for putting on what is sure to be a great showcase. Here is a sneak peek … Continued

Planning Your Project Like a Pro

From “The Insiders Team at Nonn’s”   If you’re thinking about re-vamping your home or building one from scratch, laying good groundwork, is integral to the success of your project and fundamental to your sanity! Understanding your needs, wishes and … Continued

Get Homes Prepped for EV Charging

Electric vehicles (EVs) are gaining popularity. In 2014, approximately 120,000 EVs were sold in the United States. Most EV drivers, approximately 80%, will charge at home.  Electric vehicles can charge by plugging into a standard 120-volt outlet (Level 1 charging). … Continued

Unraveling the Mystery of Foreclosures

Source:   If you’re a home buyer looking for a good deal on a new home in Madison, you may well be attracted to foreclosed listings because the list price is typically at the low end of the market. While it … Continued

Heating Done Smarter

Does the thought of cold winter nights have you wishing for more days like this? While we know the sunny, mild temperatures we’ve had this fall are coming to an end, you don’t have to fear the cold or the … Continued

How Much Does a Remodel Cost?

By Erin Carlyle – See more Home Design Photos Erin Carlyle, Editorial Staff If you’re looking for a sense of how much it will cost to renovate your home, and how long it might take, has some numbers for … Continued