Concrete Building Systems: Are They Here to Stay?

Whether you think of it as “building green” or “sustainability,” consumers today expect their homes to have minimal environmental impact yet meet or exceed their lifestyle needs. They want properties offering comfort and security with low energy bills and low maintenance. … Continued

Job Site Tech Tools for Project Management

In a recent blog post by a construction software development company, Dexter & Chaney discusses using state of the art technology in three major areas that will help keep construction projects on track. Mobile Connectivity Tool Inventory Systems Equipment Sensors “Time … Continued

Winter is Coming, But Heat Will Cost Less?

Natural gas prices will plummet this winter, should our season be as mild as predicted, which meteorologists have dubbed a “Godzilla” El Nino.  (WOW is that good news!  Not for farmers, but for me.) Natural gas prices tumbled 9% on Monday … Continued

Chic Farmhouse Restaurant

Unfortunately this cool restaurant isn’t in Madison, but I think it would go over well here. We have the hip Capitol Square are, a revitalized downtown, and beautiful properties right outside of Madison for locations.  It’s similar in feel to a … Continued

1960s Timeless Treasure

Pink bathrooms were emblematic 1950s-60s home designs. How did that color ever come into play in home interiors?  Developers of suburban tract homes started installing pink bathrooms after first lady Mamie Eisenhower popularized the color when she wore a rhinestone-studded blush … Continued

How to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

We’ve all been there. Snuggling deeper into our comforters, trying desperately to ignore the ringing of our alarms. The Monday morning blues are real, and it can be difficult to fight them.  Me, I have a nasty commute every day … Continued

Balancing Life and Work

I am the type of employee who will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if that means sacrificing time with my family. The fact is kids grow up, parents get older, and opportunities to hang out with family and … Continued

Snagajob in Construction!

Young people, are you interested in careers in construction? Check out the average hourly wages and this page for tips on your job search.  Find a job now while employers are eager to hire and start building valuable experience that … Continued

Color of the Week

Every Spring I get the itch to make some little change in my home.  Whether it’s changing out photos on a wall, creating a new vignette, or adding some color to a room, I just HAVE to do something new … Continued