Structure, Subfloor & Suites

Building a Luxury Box Suite, Part 2

We got a peek at the luxury box suite build yesterday, in its early construction phase. Structure, studs and subflooring is the project status.  Dan Duren of Duren Custom Builders explained that the structure is five pieces, assembled into two levels. The lower level will seat about 35 people in theatre style, and the upper level will be soft seating with some elbow room to move around.

Box_5   Box_1   Box_6

Its five pieces will be wrapped in white FRP Paneling – a waterproof and scuffproof finish.  Each piece will move independently for disassembling and storage, but will be fastened and locked in place with heavy duty hardware and industrial casters.  Flooring and seating decisions are being made right now.

Now that Phase 1 is nearly complete, it will be moved to the Coliseum where they will finish the build.  More photos to come as the project progresses.

Now … naming the box!  Should it be clever or obvious?  The Construction Zone, or Plumb Line Lounge? The Playmaker’s Suite, or the Neutral Zone?  We have two weeks to come up with something.  Tick tock ….