How to Beat the Monday Morning Blues

We’ve all been there. Snuggling deeper into our comforters, trying desperately to ignore the ringing of our alarms. The Monday morning blues are real, and it can be difficult to fight them.  Me, I have a nasty commute every day and I hate it even more on Mondays.  Luckily I have a Starbucks very close to work so I look forward as I approach the street. Monday is always my day to indulge, and I will wait in a line of 13 cars to get it!  Crazy right?  But whatever works for ya.

I read an article from “Greatest” on the Monday morning blues.  My favorite ‘tips’ are #4 and #6 – I’ll have to give those a try, pretty doable. I thought I’d post this in advance of your – and my – next Monday!