2018 Design Trend: Statement Ceilings

In a December 2017 blog post, House Beautiful said “Get Ready, Statement Ceilings Are Going to Be Huge Next Year.”  How did they spot the trend?  Pinterest has seen a 310% increase in saved pins of this decor.  Ceilings have the ability to transform a room, and adventurous designs can be achieved with paint, wallpaper, wood, graphic patterns, slick textures, and more.

Check out this article from The Cottage Market on the same topic. (Be sure to follow the link; there are several photos of beautiful statement ceilings!)

“You know how everyone says “look around” you might be missing something…well today we are going to say Look UP Statement Ceilings are Trending.  Yep…that sometimes forgotten element of a room is looking for a bit more attention these days!  They don’t seem to be satisfied with the plain white (even though all of mine are just that except one : ).  Here are some ideas and inspirations for you if you are looking to put a bit of pizzaz into your ceilings.  From wooden beams…to medallions…to bold colors and more.  For many of us some of these are a bit out of reach but remember…there is always modification.  You can take an idea and make it your own and doable for you.  If you are not looking for change your upsides personality…I think you will just have fun checking these interesting creations out.  So LOOK UP!!!”

Source: The Cottage Market