A 1915 Chrysler and a Kitchen Island

What does a 1915 Chrysler have to do with a kitchen island?  The two were brought together in a truly modern way, as in Craigslist meets Pinterest. The pecan flooring was originally part of the Kenosha engine plant that opened in 1902, making it well over 100 years old.

The DIYer homeowner found a listing for sections of this unique material on Craigslist and drove several hours to southern Wisconsin to procure it, wanting to create an industrial look for her kitchen after having been inspired by Pinterest.

The 4-inch thick butcher block is made of pecan wood which is considered a hardwood and it makes both a durable and beautiful work surface even though it originally was flooring. Looking for an expensive and unique leg alternative the homeowners visited their local hardware store for cast iron pipe fittings. 1.5 inch cast iron pipe and fittings were used to give a solid base to the butcher block. The kitchen island now graces a 1940 Colonial home.

Though the total cost of the project is less than $200; the work station feels priceless to the DIYers as there was a lot of hard work and dare I say love (and a lot of slivers), that went into the build.

I find it intriguing to think about the thousands of Chrysler engines that passed on the assembly line and the people who walked the floors of the plant until 2010 when the plant closed. That same flooring now has a new history recycled into the centerpiece of a family kitchen.

Source: UpscaleDownhome